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Dr Bhasker Sharma, an internationally renowned Homoeopathic doctor, Dr Sharma has been conferred with a plethora of awards and accolades owing to his unwavering commitment and dedication.

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Dr. Samuel Hahnemann International Award London – the most prestigious award in the field of homeopathy.

Dr. Bhasker Sharma’s work is revered across nations and it can be seen in the diversity of people that come to attend his lectures. He holds several international records, has published many research papers, and has also been conferred with various acclaimed international awards.

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Dr. Bhasker Sharma, a Stalwart Homeopathy Physician of India.

The COVID pandemic may have disrupted daily life but owing to the tireless efforts of the medical professionals, life has begun to get back to normal. Dr Bhasker Sharma, a renowned homeopathic physician has been felicitated by the White House for his contribution towards public health during the global pandemic.

He has been conferred with two awards namely Presidential Active Lifestyle Award and Presidential Youth Fitness Award by the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Professor Dr Bhasker Sharma of Siddharthnagar, Uttar Pradesh - the birthplace of Gautam Buddha - worked towards making the common people aware about the Coronavirus, educating them about the disease and its prevention. It is these laudable efforts of his and their incomparable contribution toward social concern that have brought him the prestigious awards. Dr Sharma is the only Indian homeopathic doctor to have received this award. It is indeed a moment of immense pride for him and the country.

"To be recognised for social good and that too by the most esteemed organisation of the most powerful country in the world is certainly an honour. Homeopathy too is a powerful science that deserves great recognition and we continue to strive to achieve it," said Dr Bhasker Sharma, commenting on his achievement.

The pandemic may have deterred Dr Sharma from interacting with the President in person, but President Trump sent his wishes and regards via mail that contained the two certificates with his signature and a medal with the presidential seal.

However, this is not the first time that Dr. Sharma’s success has been recognized overseas. He holds several international records, has published many research papers, and has also been conferred with various acclaimed international awards some of which include Dr. Samuel Hahnemann International Award London, Senior Homeopathic International Award Singapore, Dr. Ellen International Award Thailand, Dr. Kent International Award Malaysia, Global Auction Personality of Homeopathy Dubai, Homeopathy Gem (Shiromani) International Award Muscat, Star of Homeopathy Award London, Global Environment Award Philippines, Literature Gem (Sahitya Ratna) Award Canada, Best Homeopathy Award Nigeria, Global Icon Personality Award Africa, International Peace Award Indonesia, Doctorate Award Algeria, Homeo Bhushan Kathmandu, Homeopathy Shri Goa, Homeopathy Ratna, and Chikitsa Ratna.

Dr. Bhasker Sharma has written over 200 books on literature and homeopathy. He has recorded several innovations while contributing to several national and international universities. He is determined to strengthen the methodology of homeopathic medicine by the means of these new discoveries.